Saturday, April 28, 2007

making sense out of everything

your fav team lost out on a game
you messed up on a very important task at work
you are now a stranger to your best friend
you have no idea why someone is giving you a hard time

and the list could go on, depending on which side of the coin turned up against you...

so, what do you do? how important or how disappointing is the loss of your fav team in that game than you messing up at work or losing the best friend? Is that the question? I feel the question that we most of the time ask is - WHY?

no matter how a certain has incident has impacted us, we tend to find answers.More than figuring about what are the answers, I would like to think about why do we attempt to find answers?

I believe that the answers are there, right before our eyes where we dont want to look. Is reasoning out just a case of "discovery of these answers". I feel it should be, and not an exercise in the invention of answers. Its only Mathematics which can provide definite answers because they can be PROVED.

what are we gonna do about it? this is a much wider topic with varying conclusions...would like to stick to this one for now -
making sense out of it all. the act of reasoning out.

Quite often, its suffice to understand that certain things are beyond your control and accept them as they have happened. If you were honest, if your intentions were unquestionable and if you have tried to the best of your ability, thats all you need to know. Thats all you need to assure yourselves of.

If we really need to go beyond this and reason out, then lets be aware of these pitfalls while doing so -

Circular reasoning

Analysis paralysis

Lets not become self-indulgent while doing so and always remember that no matter how hard we try and what we do about it...we are finally drawing our own conclusions. And thats how it would stay...

Each one to his version...each one to his own reason...each one paddling to his own shore..

So, why have I posted this one? What running inside my head now? What has happened now that I havent told u gus about? you are trying to reason out?

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