Sunday, August 3, 2008

where is your list?

So, I watched the movie again last week!

many vivid images remain on my mind after watching the movie...felt like making my own bucket list this morning. it is not yet completely done as yet, though. I dont know whether it should be 6 or 10 or 20. Anyway, numbers are definitely on my mind and would love to have around 10 things to do before I meet Joe Black.

1.witness something truly majestic

2.visit all the seven wonders of the world

3.get my photograph published in a book of repute

4.write a book (not necessarily a best-seller!)

5.let someone else have the chance that i missed

6.learn to play the guitar well





Go ahead, make your own list before your make your will!

Note : For all the married ones and living in this techie world - pls ensure that you share your password with your spouse. Whether it is an online trading site or the banking a/c or your email account.
Yeah, you can add this to your bucket list!!