Saturday, February 17, 2007

How influential are we ?

influence - the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others:

Can a perfectly happy and content person be influenced by me to become unhappy, restless, dissatisfied & dis-illusioned? Does it signify his weakness or my strength ?

--> The converse could work too, but the question would remain the same.

Is the act of influencing an instantaneous step or long drawn process ?

Are positive influences quick to take effect or the negative influences ?

Does a positive influence stay longer with the person who has been influenced or does the negative influence ?

Would you consciously ever strive ( contrive ) to influence someone in a positive ( or negative ) way ?

I have worked with good teams for 8 years. I have worked worked, earned the praise from the customers and supervisors alike. Worked under great supervisors for the first 3 years. That has influenced me when I became a supervisor myself. Has that been a positive influence on me and would it influence the person who now reports to me ?

Is influence all about the person who is trying to control, making an impact or is also about the person who is absorbing all these ?

Sons of great masters dont become great masters themselves. Arent the great masters influential enough ?

The personalities whom we attract towards us are those who are influenced by us in some manner or the other. Does it reach a point where we get influenced by them ?

How much can we influence our friends, our parents, our spouse , our colleagues ? Our children ?

Should we ? Shouldnt we ? Consciously ?

Can this write-up influence you ?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What Gets You Going

We wake up and smell the coffee every day, day after day (or flowers or the burnt toast, doesnt matter). We freshen up, go to school or go to work. The details vary, depending on our age and current occupation. The places and people could change or could remain much the same.

No matter whatever be the role you are donning right now -

School / College
At the start of a career
Spouse & Kids

there is always an incentive....

[[ I didnt use the word 'motivation' deliberately. Its considered a holier word. Incentives sound practical and are quick to think and talk about. ]]

What is the incentive in store for you? Why do you do whatever you are doing - right now?

Are the incentives tangible ?
Are the incentives constantly changing ( by the day / month / year ) ?
Is your state of mind proportional to the incentives you intend to achieve ?
Are the incentives short-lived, though the task was arduous ?
Are the incentives superfluous ?

Regardless of its nature, I dont think that we do anything without an incentive in sight ( or in mind - subconscious or otherwise ).

So, What Gets You Going?